2020 A2 Compliance - Fraud, Waste and Abuse - Annual Training

2020 Establishing an Effective Compliance Program - Fraud Waste and Abuse Training for DMEPOS, Medicare Part C and Part D Providers. CMS requires that Medicare Part C and D Providers and all entities they partner with, provide annual Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) training to their employees. CMS also requires DMEPOS providers to provide similar training annually to all employees in order to meet and maintain accreditation requirements. This program has been prepared to meet these CMS requirements. This course will describe the role of CMS, the elements of a Compliance Program, pertinent laws and regulations and definitions and examples of Fraud, Waste and Abuse. It will also cover reporting obligations, mechanisms and describe the difference between a Compliance Program and a Corporate Integrity Agreement. All employees should complete this training upon hire and then annually.

At the end of this session, the participant will:

  • Be able to differentiate between Fraud, Waste and Abuse.
  • Be able to discuss the purpose and scope of the OIG's Compliance Program.
  • Be able to list the seven elements of a compliance plan.
  • List at least 5 benefits of a compliance program.
  • List 5 areas related to DMEPOS program compliance.
  • List 5 areas related to Part C and Part D program compliance.
  • Be able to identify fraud risks by type of entity.
  • Be able to identify government agencies that oversee FWA activities.
  • Know how to report FWA activities.
  • Understand the difference between a Compliance Program and a Corporate Integrity Agreement
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