Basic Sewing

We have had a lot of requests to present a class on basic sewing many practitioners have no sewing skills and depend on others to do simple tasks. This class gives the basics on sewing and will help you understand many aspects of using a sewing machine. There is nothing better than actual hands on experience to learn to sew. Taking an actual hands on sewing class in your community is an excellent way to achieve this. Reach out to a sewing center or college class and attend, you will find this quite useful.

This class will cover:

  • Sewing terms and definitions
  • The anatomy of a sewing machine
  • How to properly thread a machine and its bobbin
  • The importance of maintaining your machine properly
  • The different types of needles
  • How to properly thread a machine and its bobbin
  • How to sew a straight line, zig zag and a seam
  • How to sew a dart into a garment
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0.50 (S)
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