Cerebral Palsy Gait Rehabilitation

This course, Cerebral Palsy Gait Rehabilitation, includes a complete overview of gait training therapy, use of a dynamic carbon fiver AFO combined with a dynamic extension assist knee orthosis to maximize gait reshaping therapy. This course will enable you to increase your knowledge as it relates to care of patients with cerebral palsy. This comprehensive module on Cerebral Palsy Gait Rehabilitation, was authored by John Kenny BOCO, Vice President, Ongoing Care Solution/NeuroFlex.

The following will be covered in this course:

  • Dynamic carbon fiber AFO providing perturbation therapy combined w/ a dynamic extension assist KO to maximize gait reshaping therapy (toe walking therapy)
  • Knee Extension assist KO therapy w/ hyperextension control and dynamic AFO combo (stiff-knee gait therapy)
  • Flexion contracture dynamic extension ambulating KO therapy for crouched gait
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