Spinal Anatomy & Orthotics

This course is designed to provide the basics in medical terminology & anatomy of the spine and develops a greater understanding for the competence and professional handling of patients for spinal devices during fitting procedures. This course, along with others specific to individual areas of interest, will help to develop competencies in spinal Orthotics.

The following will be covered in this course:

  • Understand and identify the elements of spinal anatomy.
  • Understand the different muscle groups associated with the spine.
  • discuss the articulations of the bones and joints in the spine.
  • Understand what orthotic devices may be used with various indications.
  • Discuss different injuries, deformities and diagnoses associated with the spine.
  • Utilize what you have learned in your practice.
Your cost:
General credits:
ABC credits:
2.00 (S)
BOC credits:
2.00 (S)
Passing score: