Medical Terminology

This course covers Medical Terminology. You will learn the different anatomical planes, terms used in the field of O&P, as well as DME and about the different movements of the human body. Whether you are just starting out and this is a basic course, or you are adding to your continuing education for credits, you will find this a course useful learning experience. For the Certified practitioner, it is always a good thing to get back to the basics, which we sometimes take for granted. All new employees should complete this training upon hire. ABC .75CE BOC 1CE By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify parts of the body by recognizing the different anatomical planes.
  • Describe what the "Standard Position" is.
  • Discuss the relative positions of the human body using proper Anatomical Terms.
  • Recognize and discuss the different Anatomical Movements associated with the different joints and body parts.
  • Utilize what you have learned in your practice.
Your cost:
General credits:
ABC credits:
0.75 (S)
BOC credits:
1.00 (S)
Passing score: