Hip Orthosis

This course is designed to provide the basic understanding of hip anatomy and problems of the hip. This course serves only as a basic platform for minimum understanding for the competence and professional handling of patients for hip orthoses and fitting procedures. This course, along with others specific to hip related topics, will help to develop competencies in delivering and fitting of these devices. This course is one of a series of courses for competencies in orthotics.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand and identify the elements of the anatomy of the hip.
  • discuss the hip joint and it's related problems
  • Understand the skeletal system of the hip joint & articulations.
  • Discuss Indications and Contraindications for hip devices.
  • Become familiar with the applications of different devices.
  • Be competent in what is required for proper patient documentation and follow-up.
  • Utilize what you have learned in your practice.
Your cost:
General credits:
ABC credits:
2.00 (S)
BOC credits:
2.00 (S)
Passing score: