Evolution of Transfemoral Sockets

In order for one to ascertain the proper socket for an amputee one must understand the evolution of the different sockets. This class will peruse through the different options in the industry to get a better grasp on how the transfemoral sockets have evolved. This course was authored by Jo Lapinski, CPO, LPO.

During this course you will learn:

  • Learn the history of what went into the development of the transfemoral sockets.
  • Investigate quadrilateral socket design.
  • Look at the Ischial containment sockets.
  • Evaluate the use of flexible wall sockets. >li>Assess the value in total flexible brims.
  • Your cost:
    General credits:
    ABC credits:
    1.00 (S)
    BOC credits:
    1.50 (S)
    Passing score: